Recalls at Turnbull Hino

Does my Hino have an Outstanding Recall?

Hino Motor Sales Australia and Turnbull Hino are dedicated to providing vehicles of outstanding quality and value.

As part of our constant efforts to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction and safety, Hino has a dedicated page available for customers to check if your vehicle is impacted by a safety recall.

Please click the link below and enter your vehicles 17 digit VIN number.

More information about safety recalls is available by calling the Hino Care Centre on 1300 01 HINO from 8:30am to 6.00pm AEST Monday to Friday or by contacting Turnbull Hino on 03 5144 2924.

This search is provided for information purposes to assist Hino Motor Sales Australia customers and should not be solely relied upon.

The Hino VIN search tool is available for Hino vehicles only and information is current at the time of a search being undertaken.