16 February 2023 · Our Customers

Going above and beyond is no longer a want, but a need.


Despite Australia’s population nudging 27 million, during a transaction between business and customer, only one person matters. Customer experience in transportation and logistics was often an overlooked aspect of a provider’s capabilities, but not anymore. Customer experience evolved during the pandemic. When the world turned to online shopping, it put enormous pressure and stress on the Logistics and Transport Industries. We took the instant gratification of in-store purchasing online and wanted the deliveries as soon as possible – or live parcel tracking, at the very least.

Since then, the acceptance of ecommerce, adoption of mobile technology and product availability has put greater emphasis on customer experience (CX). 

In today’s competitive landscape, the importance of CX cannot be forgotten. It is a key factor that many business owners consider when choosing a transportation partner that they can trust and rely on.

How to improve customer experience.

There are a few ways that companies in the Transport and Logistics Industry can improve customer experience for their customers, and benefit their business. 

  1. Deliver superior customer service. It sounds basic, but treating customers how you would like to be treated is a must.Understand who your customers are and understand their wants and needs. Listen to what your customers have to say and create that emotional connection.. Speaking to them with understanding and respect goes a long way.  
  2. Be proactive.Reach out to your customers. Are they happy with your service? How can you improve? Gain feedback for future product upgrades. Take all feedback seriously including social. In a world of instant gratification, being proactive is imperative. 
  3. Add extra value. Be creative, be memorable,be personalised, go the extra mile. Make it hard for customers to try another business - this will help your business stand out. 
  4. Empower your team to go the extra mile build a customer centric culture. Delivering a positive experience throughout the entire customer journey drives repeats customers and increases loyalty

But why are all these things important? Providing good customer experience has endless benefits to your customer, and your business. It strengthens your brand recognition, customer retention and loyalty, which leads to brand advocacy. Brand advocates aid positive word of mouth and new client acquisition, which will help increase overall revenue from having that competitive edge.

In a recent survey, Forbes found 77% of customers think that CX is just as important as the quality of the product or services. When customers feel acknowledged, they are far more likely to become repeat customers – so personalisation matters. It can be as simple as learning their names, personalising chatbots or keeping service history to stop the client from needing to repeat themselves.

“It says a lot about a company and what they value when they care deeply about their customers,” says R.L. Adams in an article published in Entrepreneur. “It’s something that you rarely find in business these days, but it paves the way for powerful partnerships.”

Customer experience and technology.

Accepting e-commerce and mobile technology into your business is a must in today’s age. The instant feedback and data allow you to measure customer experience not only by tracking online purchases, but also via feedback from reviews, social channels, call logs and customer satisfaction surveys. Conducting research and prioritising customer support enquires is key to providing good customer experience. 

Insights gained from these sources can help shine light on future trends, which can show you how to reduce those pain points in your business. 

The world is constantly evolving, and with new technologies, come new customer priorities. If you don’t keep up it is easy to become outdated. Ensure that you are open to change and pivot your business to follow market trends. 
“The growing technological presence in this industry will revolutionise the way business is conducted by business and consumer alike” - CEDA

Ways that we help our customers.

Try to offer a unique value proposition for your customers. Our Customer Support Centre is part of our ongoing investment to supporting our customers. We were not only the first Hino distributor worldwide to offer such a facility but the first in our class to offer such a service in-house. 

The Customer Support Centre is more than just a call centre: it is a complete solution aimed to get customers back on the road quickly, by directly connecting them to highly trained specialists in head office -  the nerve centre of Hino knowledge. 

It is one of the business solutions available within our growing Hino Advantage customer care program. Hino Advantage provides our customers with access to an extensive range of integrated support solutions that increase operations efficiency, productivity and profitability. Additional services include: 

With over 65 dealerships and service centres nationwide, Hino is dedicated to placing customers at the forefront of our operations. 

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and word of mouth travels fast! If you are looking to increase your sales, client base, online ratings, or reach, customer experience needs constant nurturing A few small changes now can make a huge difference down the track.