30 November 2017 · Driving Hints & Tips

Route Planning

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When you get behind the wheel and set out on a long-haul drive, two things should be at the top of your mind: safety and efficiency. With route planning, you can get the most out of every haul while making it safer for you and the drivers around you.

What is route planning?

Route planning is as simple as it sounds; it’s planning the most efficient route between your origin and your destination. It’s all about being prepared in order to make the safest and most efficient haul possible. Route planning might take into account short-notice requirements, vehicle issues, and even real-time events like road construction and heavy traffic.

Tips on basic route planning

When planning for your journey, you should first start with the route itself. You should consider how far you can travel in one day, the roads that can be travelled, speed zones, stop locations and map out the most direct route to each location. By knowing how far you need to go and the time in which you can get there will help you stay on schedule, reduce stress, and make a more efficient haul.

The benefits

The benefits of route planning are numerous. Most importantly, it makes your journey safer. Route planning prevents many of the stresses you may face on the road, like tight timings, heavy traffic, and road construction. Without these pressures, you’ll have an easier and safer drive.

Route planning also increases efficiency. Planning a specific route helps you to choose the shortest path and aids in lowering fuel costs. You’ll also get the job done faster, which means you’ll be ready for your next route sooner. This added efficiency will not only save you money but time as well.

There is software available such as satellite navigation and telematics systems that enable you to create your route planning more easily. The additional benefits of route planning software are:

• Improving customer satisfaction as you can provide an arrival estimation time and can also optimise routes by editing them afterwards.

• Automatic address double checks if you use the software available.

• For owners you can track drivers activity in real-time and improve operational efficiency through the software analytics.

Route planning is vital to make the most of each and every haul and for those business owners, empowering your drivers to implement this effective planning strategy is vital. It will not only save your bottom line but ensures your drivers are safe and will enhance operational efficiency. With less wasted time and increased safety, route planning is something you should think about employing before taking off down the road.

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